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Kentucky, the largest cattle producing state east of the Mississippi River, is home to over 1.1 million beef cows and ranks 5th nationally in total number of farms. Three-fourths of Kentucky's cows are on farms with fewer than 100 head. The Kentucky Cattlemen's Association, has 93 chapters in 120 counties and is a strong voice for the state's 40,000 + cattle producers.

KCA's mission is to provide a strong, proactive voice for all of Kentucky's Beef Farm Families, serve as a resource for information and education for producers, consumers and the industry and be a catalyst for enhancing producer profitability.

In 2005 Kentucky began registering farms with premises numbers for the National Animal Identification program. A 'premises' is the geographically unique location in which agricultural animals are raised, held or boarded including farms, feedyards, ranches, auction barns, and fair sites.


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Straightbreeding Angus
by Draper (Posted Thu, 23 Nov 2017 01:34:59 GMT+5)
Straightbreeding is just madness to me. At a bare minimum you could be backcrossing with Angus and either of the other solid patterned British breeds: Red angus or Shorthorn or breeding terminal to a black hided half blood angus. You start getting more than a quarter blood continental look in a calf, you?ll start seeing the discounts noted above,, warranted by the the typically poor quality grades associated with these cattle.

Angus Sires Changing of the Guard
by Lazy M (Posted Thu, 23 Nov 2017 00:16:29 GMT+5)
Think it would be interesting if a list was made of total semen sales rather than registrations. Then the commercial cattle operations would be factored in instead of just the seedstock operations.

Weaning Rate Percentage ?
by Rafter S (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 23:01:54 GMT+5)
The heifer usually breeds back within a few days after weaning the calf, and I just think it's asking a lot of a 2-year old heifer to raise a calf to 8 months old and breed back on time, all while she's still growing herself. I know I'm giving up some money up front, but I believe it pays off in the long run. If you disagree I won't argue with you, but this has been working well for me for a long time.

by Bright Raven (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 22:54:28 GMT+5)
callmefence wrote:I've had a few do that Raven. Seems to me it's usually caused when initially inserting the wire. A little curl or bend in the end of the wire will hang the insert and push it out.
I'm sure Luke will have more.

Hey. That is what I thought happened. Good. I was worried I was inserting the gripple improperly in the torque tool

by Bright Raven (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:30:48 GMT+5)
wbvs58 wrote:Bright Raven wrote:Highpoint treats science like it is a religion. She does not start with a theory. Example: do cows have silent heats? A scientist postulates: I think cows have silent heats and here is my experiment to gather data to evaluate my theory.

Highpoint makes a proclamation: Cows have silent heats because Dr. Huber says so and he is my idol.

She DEGRADES science and I will not waste my time with someone who treats science like it is a "belief". Science is suppose to be objective and it is suppose to go where the data takes you not where you want to go.

PS: now time for True Grit to post one of his brilliant remarks that all science is horseshyt. Lol.

Science is not all that holy Ron like with climate change a scientist postulates that man is influencing the climate and there is a lot of government money out there for me to prove that is the case so I better design my experiments to make sure I prove this.

Science chases the money.

I don't agree at all with what Highpoint claims but it all flies past me to the keeper.

Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see and that includes science.



I would never even whisper that science is Holy. On the contrary, that was the point I was making. Science is methodical. The foundation of science was laid by thinkers who recognized that humankind is biased. In order to advance science in the purest way possible the "scientific method" has become the gold standard for research. Here stated:

The Oxford Dictionaries Online defines the scientific method as "a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses".

In all its imperfections, science has put men on the moon, advanced medicine, created technology that affects every aspect of our lives, and yes, lead to GMOs, lol.

No, not Holy. Like everything else, money has influence.

I have no conflict with Highpoint. In the same vain as Cowgirl8, I don't understand why people get so upset. They only offend if you let them. My observation of Highpoint is that she is floating in a river created by alarmist and activist with an agenda. More power to her.

Fuel line question
by Bigfoot (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:17:54 GMT+5)
Must preface by saying, that I am not much of a mechanic at all:

The fuel lines on my 451 Massey, where in bad shape. I decided to change them all. Good thing I did, some cracked just moving them with my fingers. Wish I could post a picture. The line running to the lift pump T's, and then runs directly to the line coming from the lift pump. I changed that line, when I changed all the others. Tractor runs fine, but ran good with leaky fuel lines to. Mostly to satisfy my curiosity, why would a line from the input side, bypass the pump, and intersect the output line?

Jo a 150 yard shot here
by SmokinM (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:11:03 GMT+5)
That's great Jo, and good for you teaching that girl to shoot like that. It will keep the boys honest. I always thought I would like to shoot 1,000 yard match but don't have that kind of time and money.

Sight picture, breathing and trigger pull have to be reflex to shoot well. The man with one gun who carries it like it is a part of him, watch out.

opinions on these chainsaw models
by gertman (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:06:05 GMT+5)
JW IN VA wrote:If you have a lot of cutting to do,then I recommend you go with either the Husqvarna 562XP or an MS 362 like mine.Mine wears a 20"bar and does a fine job for us .Granted,we mostly cut firewood and he occasional large downed tree but I bought the 362 for those times.My favorite firewood and general purpose saw is an 026 Stihl.The newer MS 261 is more powerful and when this saw is gone,I would like to replace it with one of those.
My 362 has 3/8 pitch bar and chain and I've only run Stihl Ultra in my gas mix.
The number 1 thing you should be concerned with would be the dealer.How knowledgable they are and how well they offer repair and parts support would be major factors.Both are good brands and the 562/362 are pro grade saws.It's kind of" a Ford/Chevy thing". I won't say you can't pull a 24" bar,but that is getting into 70cc pro saw catagory.
If all of your cutting is 20" maximum,I'd look at the MS 261 or the 550XP/545 Husqvarna.Much lighter saws for extended periods of work and less money up front.A 16" bar would be good,although I run a .325 pitch 20" on my 026( big belly/old back )
Please think about a good pair of saw chaps.Much cheaper than a copay at the Emergency Room.Also highly recommend eye/ear protection.Pleaselet us know what you decide.

I went with the Husqvarna 562xp with a 24 inch bar. To me it just felt the most balanced and comfortable, and as an added bonus Husqvarna was offering a $50 mail in rebate on any XP saw purchase.

Not happy
by TennesseeTuxedo (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 20:58:33 GMT+5)
I continue to learn new things every day around here.

Discussion about Christmas presents
by (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 20:39:09 GMT+5)
ALACOWMAN wrote:Bestoutwest wrote:ALACOWMAN wrote:I carry my gifts in my wallet...
You give people condoms? Or business cards? Credit cards? All of these seem weird.
The weird thing is how somebody from Vermont got to be bestoutwest at the age of 15.

Terminal or Maternal
by Muddy (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 20:27:37 GMT+5)
Many people are complaining about Black Angus cattle not being good performers and that they are lacking muscles. Balancers and SimAngus are mighty popular in this area so they add more muscle in the calves. Yeah yeah I know Angus are mighty popular, but Angus cross calves are topping the sales here, unlike the straightbred Angus calves. The people also complained about their average wean weight of straightbred Angus calves being so low.

For-Most head gate
by jedstivers (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 20:26:24 GMT+5)
TCRanch wrote:jedstivers wrote:cfpinz wrote:
I've yet to see one of those in person, but keep hearing good things about them.

Anyone know what a Q86 manual chute with the headtable sells for?
Can't remember the number but the one I want is 6-6,500 dollars.
I'm going the have one too. I hope by next fall.
I'm friends with the Territory Sales Mgr & one of the Sales Reps for Arrowquip, neighbor has a new Q86. PM if you want contact info.
I'm at least one more crop year (a good one) away from buying one.

LED Light Kit Conversion
by Brute 23 (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 20:14:13 GMT+5)
Has any one done a led light kit conversion on an older tractor?

I saw the lights at JD but found them much more reasonable online. Just wondering if any one has done it and if they feel it was worth it. I debated putting a light bar on the tractor at one point but I like keeping the factory look.

The Weasel - Never see them
by Farm Fence Solutions (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 20:11:01 GMT+5)
Bright Raven wrote:M.Magis wrote:I've caught more than one dog, including my own, and they're none the worse for wear. I'd suggest having a catch pole to prevent being bitten, but there's no reason to worry about hurting them. I use offset and laminated jaws these days, there's no reason to use padded jaws.

Tell me a little more about the laminated offset. Does Fur Havesters stock them?

FnT Post does.

Water pump
by snoopdog (Posted Wed, 22 Nov 2017 19:56:36 GMT+5)


After a couple of licks, the baby calf got up, wobbled ever so slightly and then confidently turned its attention to nursing.
"Shoot, I messed up the vaccines." If these words have ever been uttered while processing cows and calves, it may be time for implementation of some simple chute side organization tips.
What do we know about efficiency within the beef cattle business? A lot. What do we know about understanding beef cattle efficiency? A little.
Like chuck-line riding cowboys of yesteryear, they go from ranch to ranch, carrying the news and performing a job no one else wants, let alone can do. Other than a few cowboy poets and purebred bull auctioneers, they are the only celebrities we have in the cow business.
One of the largest crowds ever participated in-person and on-line in the Town Creek Farm Sale, at the ranch near West Point, Mississippi on Saturday, October 21, 2017.
Stay friends or family with someone long enough and you see every side of each other, good bad and in between.
Winter weather if finally arriving and when it gets here for good we need to be prepared to handle and transport cattle appropriately.
All cattlemen and women are invited to attend the American Gelbvieh Association's (AGA) third annual commercial cattlemen's educational symposium titled Cattlemen's Profit Roundup.

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